Automatic Garage Door Repair

    Automatic Garage Door Repair

    Doing different fun activities, storing some stuff, or house for your vehicle is what you can do in your garage.

    You can also turn your garage into an office where you can do your work or make it a platform for your band.

    There are many things that you can do as a property owner.

    You can turn your garage into something worth it.

    However, the door is also essential in providing security for precious items and expensive luxuries.

    But, when a garage door becomes faulty, these things might be put at risk since it will become vulnerable to burglars.

    To prevent this from happening, make it a habit to do annual maintenance to maintain the excellent condition of your garage door.

    At A1 Garage Door Pittsburgh, we have a team to repair garage door problems with our advanced tools and equipment.

    We are available from Monday to Friday, including weekends.

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    Indications Of A Malfunctioning Garage Door

    Here are some signs of a faulty garage door.

    Garage Door Don’t Close Entirely.

    If your garage doesn’t close all the way, it can be stressful and frustrating as you won’t get your car out from your garage.

    Depending on how quickly your garage door goes down, it might put your garage unsecured.

    Your security might be compromised when this happens to you, allowing some people to get inside your property.

    So, if you notice this problem, immediately call a garage door maintenance specialist to fix the problem right away.

    Off-track Automatic Garage Door

    An off-track garage door can be hazardous to deal with.

    This problem is dangerous as it could cause an accident for you and your family if the garage door dislodges from the framework that holds it in place or suddenly shuts down.

    A garage door can become off-track if the alignment is incorrect.

    Sometimes, this problem is a broken cable, or the garage door rollers are injured.

    Another culprit for an off-track garage door is a vehicle’s collision and the door or another moving object.

    This scenario could cause the overhead door to become off-track.

    When this happens, it’s time to call a professional garage door technician for repair service to fix the issue safely.

    Automatic Garage Door Won’t Elevate Or Shuts Down.

    An automatic garage door is made to make things easier for garage owners.

    Imagine opening or closing your garage door by pressing your remote controller or through the opener.

    However, for some reason, they will suddenly stop working.

    You can solve this issue promptly if the only reason is the sudden blackout or exhausted batteries.

    However, if the problem is not the battery, a worn-out gear or the garage door motor needs to be replaced.

    We highly recommend you to call and hire a garage door maintenance specialist for a complete and adequate installation.

    That’s because installing a garage door motor comes with dangers, and you also need specialized tools to do this project correctly.

    Broken Garage Door Torsion Or Extension Springs

    One of the most severe problems that could happen to your garage door is an issue with your garage door springs.

    All garage doors open and close due to either extension or torsion springs.

    Torsion springs are installed above your garage door, and the extension springs are located on either side of your garage door, together with the tracks.

    Both these springs are under a high level of tension when a garage door is not operating that is needed to lift your garage door.

    If the coils of the spring deteriorate or snap, you won’t be able to open your garage door.

    That’s why springs are a vital and most crucial part of your garage door’s mechanical movement, and you should get them repaired by an expert right away.

    Any problems or issues can cause your garage door to collapse at any moment, so if you notice a wrong movement of your garage door, you should report it immediately to a garage door expert.


    If you think that your door is in trouble, don’t try to fix it by yourself.

    We don’t recommend you deal with any garage door repair, as it’s very dangerous.

    So if you need any help regarding your garage door, call our garage door company.

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