How to prepare your garage doors for winters?

    As winter comes, it is critical to prepare your home for the difficulties that colder weather might bring. Your garage door, as an important part of the outside of your home, requires special care to ensure it remains functional, energy-efficient, and safe from harsh winter conditions.

    Evaluating and Sealing Gaps: Begin your winterization process by evaluating the garage door and the area around it for any gaps or fractures. Cold air, moisture, and even pests can enter your garage through these holes, reducing its overall effectiveness. To avoid drafts, use weatherstripping to fill gaps around the door frame and a bottom seal.


    Garage Inspection and Insulation: Examine the insulation in your garage, especially the walls and ceiling. Proper insulation not only helps to manage temperature but also protects your things from freezing temperatures. To boost energy efficiency, consider adding insulation to the garage door itself, either through DIY kits or expert installation.


    Lubricating Moving Parts: Cold temperatures can cause metal garage door components, such as springs and hinges, to rust. Lubricate these moving parts with a garage door lubricant to ensure smooth operation. This preventative measure reduces wear and tear on the components, extending their lifespan.


    Testing and Adjusting Garage Door Balance: Winter conditions can affect the balance of your garage door, placing additional strain on the opener. Test the balance by disconnecting the opener and manually operating the door. It should open and close smoothly. If there is resistance or imbalance, consider hiring a professional to adjust the spring tension.


    Inspecting and Cleaning Tracks:

    Inspect the tracks along which your garage door operates. Remove any debris, such as leaves or cobwebs, that may have accumulated. Clean the tracks with a mild cleaner to ensure that the door can move freely without obstruction.


    Examining and Sealing Windows:

    If your garage door has windows, inspect them for any cracks, gaps, or loose seals. Use caulk or weatherstripping to seal any openings. This not only helps maintain a more comfortable temperature inside the garage but also prevents moisture infiltration.


    Testing and Maintaining Garage Door Opener: Cold temperatures can affect the performance of your garage door opener. Test it to ensure it responds promptly and consider adjusting the force settings according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you notice any unusual noises or issues, consult a professional for a comprehensive inspection and maintenance.


    Protecting Against Rust: Winter conditions, especially if accompanied by moisture, can contribute to the development of rust on metal components. Apply a rust-resistant coating or lubricant to springs, hinges, and other metal parts to provide an additional layer of protection.


    Ensuring Proper Seal on the Garage Door: Check the weatherstripping and seal on the bottom of your garage door. Over time, these components can wear out, allowing drafts and moisture to enter. Replace any damaged or worn weatherstripping and ensure a tight seal at the bottom to keep cold air and snow outside.


    Cleaning and Treating Wooden Garage Doors:

    If you have a wooden garage door, winter weather can be particularly harsh. Clean the door thoroughly and consider applying a protective sealant or paint to shield it from moisture, preventing warping or rotting.


    Addressing Ice and Snow Buildup: Be proactive in addressing ice and snow buildup around your garage door. Shovel snow away from the door and de-ice areas prone to freezing. This prevents potential damage and ensures smooth operation.


    Professional Inspection and Maintenance: Consider scheduling a professional inspection and garage door repair service before the winter season. Experienced technicians can identify potential issues, perform necessary adjustments, and provide recommendations for optimal winter performance. 

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