Common Reasons Why Your Garage Door is Not Opening

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    Do you have trouble getting your garage door to open or close? This may be really annoying, you find yourself attempting to pull into your garage during a downpour. Never fun, been there. There are three typical reasons for this, and your garage door is likely affected by one of these.


    Damaged or malfunctioning springs are frequently the blame for a garage door not opening. For your garage door to open, the condition of its spring is crucial. This is due to the spring having to carry a great deal of stress to support the weight of your garage door. Importantly, the spring’s pull will reduce the amount of effort needed from the motor. This can easily surpass the weight that your motor can raise on its own, depending on the weight of your garage door. As a result of the strain this exerts on the garage door opener, it may soon turn into a problem.


    Lift the garage door manually after disengaging the motor. The garage door should remain in position after being opened. Try it from the waist, shoulder, and knee positions. This is a balancing test for torsion springs. A very good sign that the spring needs to be replaced is if the garage door is excessively heavy or won’t remain in place when you release it. In other circumstances, you won’t be able to lift the garage door at all if a spring is broken. Use caution when performing this test, or even better, have someone nearby to hold the other side of the garage door in case it unexpectedly drops.


    Your garage door opener’s circuit board may eventually malfunction. The garage door opener may be old and worn out, but during a lightning storm, when your circuit board is more likely to fail, this is more likely to happen. It’s crucial to make sure your opener is surge protected since the circuit board is extremely susceptible to power surges. This is most likely to blame if there has recently been a storm. When your garage door tries to open or close indefinitely without knowing when to stop, it’s an indication that the circuit board is simply failing. Avoid touching the opener or the wall socket since checking the circuit requires electricity.


    Another potential cause of your garage door not opening is a damaged or disconnected wire. You only need to perform a visual investigation to verify this. The cable will spool out of or onto the drum when garage door opens or closes. The drums are at the top corner of each side of your garage door when looking from within the garage. The cable may dangle loosely from the drum, as seen in the bottom right image, preventing it from winding to operate the door. Sometimes the wire may be readily restrung, but to make sure the repair is done properly, you might require a garage door technician for help.

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    If you notice any of these issues are causing your garage door malfunction, not opening or closing properly, then you need technicians to fix it. A1 Garage Door is available 24/7 to provide garage door installation or garage door repair services near you.




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