Broken Garage Spring? Here is What You Can Do

    Having a broken garage door spring is like having an elevator without a motor – it won’t move.

    You can try, but we highly advise that you don’t.

    You shouldn’t attempt operating your garage door with broken springs, nor should you go near the door.

    Apart from the fact that your garage door will not work, you’re simply putting yourself in danger.

    Broken garage spring? Here is what you can do.

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    Signs You Have a Broken Garage Door Spring

    The most obvious indication that you have a broken garage door spring is when you hear a loud noise coming from your door.

    The sound comes from the release of the extremely high tension in the springs.

    So, when you hear that loud bang, visually inspect the springs and you might discover that at least one has snapped.

    Another sign that you have a broken spring is unbalanced movement coupled with difficulty opening.

    The spring is the main mechanism that moves the garage door.

    It means that having a broken garage spring will prevent your garage door from opening and closing correctly.

    Other things to look out for are squeaking noises, garage doors collapsing after opening a few inches, and dangling garage door cables.

    If you notice any of these, notify your technician immediately to avoid accidents and more damage.

    Don’t Panic and Refrain From Using Your Garage Door

    The thought that having a broken garage door spring is dangerous can easily cause panic.

    However, you shouldn’t let this emotion overcome you and stay calm.

    Discontinue using your garage door and don’t let anyone near it.

    Wait for your local technicians to arrive and fix the springs before you can operate your garage door again.

    Do Not Attempt to Replace The Garage Door Springs

    Without proper training and experience, you are not adequately equipped to replace garage door springs.

    Spring replacement is not something you can DIY.

    It is extremely dangerous to remove the broken spring and install a new one because of the high tension in them.

    If they accidentally snap, the door will collapse abruptly and cause serious injuries.

    Call the professionals and leave the job to them.

    Call Your Garage Door Technicians Right Away

    Broken garage spring? Here is what you can do.

    Don’t delay and call your local technician for a garage door spring replacement.

    You don’t have any other choice but to trust the experts.

    After all, technicians specialize in garage door repair and parts replacement.

    They can easily remove your old garage door springs and install new ones in their place.

    Do I Need to Replace Both of My Garage Door Springs?

    Garage door springs work in pairs.

    If one snaps, the other one loses its integrity and function; you can’t use a single spring to operate your garage door.

    So, should you replace just the broken one or do you need to replace both?

    While it’s alright to simply replace the bad spring, expert technicians believe it’s impractical to do this.

    One reason is that the springs are of the same age.

    If one snapped because it has reached its maximum lifespan, there’s a high possibility that the other will break soon.

    To save you from encountering the same problem, we’ll replace both springs all at once.

    Emergency Garage Door Spring Replacement

    Broken garage door springs are not uncommon.

    We receive calls every day asking us to replace their damaged springs with new ones.

    At A1 Garage Door, we make it a habit to respond right away for emergency garage door spring replacement.

    Our technicians are fully aware of the dangers accompanied by a broken spring.

    Because of this, we arrive within the hour and get the job done as fast as we can.

    With decades of combined experience, our professional technicians know what to do in such a situation.

    We’ll get to work as soon as we arrive and get your garage door up and working in no time.

    We are available, day or night, from Monday to Sunday for same-day garage door spring replacement and garage door repair.

    Call us today!

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