Clopay Garage Door Panel Replacement

    A panel garage door is made up of panels placed side by side to create one big garage door.

    One great thing about this makeup is the ease of replacing panels when they become damaged.

    In case a panel or two are extremely dented, you can easily remove and replace them with new panels.

    Clopay garage door panel replacement is therefore more cost-effective than new garage door installation.

    If you’re in the market for Clopay panels, A1 Garage Door can help.

    We have extensive years of professional experience in the garage door industry.

    Our garage door company offers a range of garage door repair services in Pittsburgh.

    Apart from panel replacement, we can also repair your garage door springs, cables, rollers, and weatherstripping.

    Give us a call on our local number, so we can deliver the best service for your garage door.

    When Do You Need Panel Replacement?

    Garage door panel replacement is a bright solution to damaged garage doors.

    Instead of replacing the entire door, you simply have to change the ones that have obvious issues.

    But when do you need a garage Clopay garage door panel replacement and a new garage door installation?

    Ideally, you should opt for panel replacement if only one or a few panels need changing.

    For example, a number of panels have been damaged by your car as you were slowly backing it.

    On the other hand, extensive panel damage calls for a new garage door installation.

    This is because the cost of replacing the individual panels could be higher than the cost of installing a new door.

    Damaged Garage Door Panels

    Clopay garage doors are made of high-quality and durable materials.

    They don’t break easily and last for a long time.

    However, neglect and improper maintenance could hasten the deterioration of your garage door.

    You’ll end up with dirty and dilapidated garage door panels if you continue ignoring your garage door.

    Rusty metal panels, warped and cracked wooden panels, and dented panels are common.

    Besides natural wearing and tearing, accidents also happen, leaving severe damage on your garage door.

    For example, strong storms could cause a tree branch to break and fall on your garage door.

    You could also accidentally crash your car through your garage door and damage both your door and vehicle.

    Garage Door Installation vs Panel Replacement

    Panel replacement is the best option if there are no major damages to your garage door.

    However, some instances may compel you to replace your entire door instead of only a few panels.

    First is when you have an old garage door model that has been discontinued.

    It means no panels are available for replacement.

    If you want to renovate and change your garage door for curb appeal, a garage door installation is what you need.

    Another instance when you need new installation instead of panel replacement is if you have a decades-old garage door.

    Old garage doors have weaker structures and obvious signs of wear and tear.

    It may no longer be aesthetically pleasing, secure, and safe to use.

    For these reasons, you must opt to install a new garage door rather than replace some panels.

    High-Quality Clopay Garage Door Panels

    A1 Garage Door works with the best garage door brands in the industry.

    We understand that our reputation comes from the quality of our service and products.

    Hence, our garage door company only provides the best products and materials for our customers.

    We are a trusted distributor of Clopay garage door panels.

    Our technicians have been installing Clopay garage doors and replacing panels for many years.

    You can trust that we have earned mastery for garage door panel replacement and installation.

    Our technicians will work efficiently to change your garage door panels as early as possible.

    Emergency Garage Door Panel Replacement

    Panel damage, no matter how extensive or not, requires urgent attention.

    Apart from looking unpleasant, damaged garage door panels can also compromise your safety and security.

    A1 Garage Door offers same-day Clopay garage door panel replacement.

    Our team is always available and willing to offer our expertise to fix your garage door.

    With years of training and experience, coupled with high-quality tools, our technicians will provide you with the best customer service.

    Call our emergency hotline now, so that our team can come to your place right away.

    You may also book an appointment on your chosen date and time.

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