Clopay Insulated Garage Doors

    Clopay insulated garage doors are in demand because of their durability and insulating capacity.

    These doors are made up of exceptional-quality materials; they are robust and long-lasting.

    In addition, the insulation that Clopay garage doors offer is unmatched.

    You’ll stay comfortable inside your garage even if your HVAC appliances are not running exhaustively.

    If you’re looking for a trusted distributor of Clopay insulated garage doors, you’ve come to the right place.

    A1 Garage Doors offers high-quality insulated garage doors from the best brands, such as Clopay, Amarr, and Wayne Dalton.

    Our technicians, who have been in the industry for many years, can attest to the quality of our garage doors.

    Call our local number today so we can give you a free quotation for our available garage doors.

    You can also contact us for garage door repair services in Pittsburgh, including garage door opener repair, spring replacement, and cable repair.

    Why Do You Need an Insulated Garage Door?

    If you’re in the process of installing or replacing your garage door, we recommend installing an insulated garage door.

    Insulated doors are more durable than non-insulated doors because of the added padding.

    They also make for a quieter home since the insulation acts as a barrier against too much noise.

    Thus, you can enjoy a more peaceful stay inside your home.

    On top of these benefits, insulated garage doors keep your indoor temperature at a comfortable level.

    If you live in warm or hot climates, you can enjoy bearable temperatures even without your air conditioning system.

    Similarly, you’ll feel warm and cozy even if it’s cold and snowing outside your house.

    Because insulation allows for a comfortable temperature, you can save energy and money due to lower energy consumption.

    How Does Insulation on Garage Doors Work?

    Insulation can be made up of different materials, such as fiberglass, foam, and reflective material.

    These materials have different insulating capacities and effectiveness.

    Garage door insulation works by slowing down heat transmission.

    So, heat does not quickly enter your garage if it’s hot and sunny outside.

    Similarly, heat will not quickly escape if the outside temperature is lower than the inside.

    As a result of this slowed heat transfer, your indoor garage temperature stays at a comfortable level.

    Thus, insulation is economical, especially if you want to reduce your energy consumption and electricity bills.

    Best Garage Door Insulation For Your Home

    Is your garage attached to your home?

    Perhaps there is a room over or beside your garage.

    In this case, you will need better insulation, so that the adjacent room will feel cozy and peaceful.

    Our garage door specialists recommend installing an insulated garage door with a high R-value.

    R-value pertains to the effectiveness of the insulation — how much it can resist heat transfer.

    Higher R-values have a higher thermal resistance.

    Heat cannot quickly leave or enter your home through the garage door if you have a garage door with a high R-value.

    You must choose a Clopay insulated garage door with an R-value of at least 10.

    R-10 insulated garage doors guarantee comfort and higher energy efficiency.

    High-Quality Insulated Garage Door Installation

    As a reputable garage door company, A1 Garage Door takes care of our reputation.

    We only install high-quality garage doors from well-known and time-tested brands.

    If you’re looking for an insulated garage door, we have a wide range of selections you can choose from.

    We can even narrow down your options according to your needs, wants, and, of course, budget.

    Our friendly technicians will assist you in choosing your new garage door.

    On top of that, we’ll handle every step of the installation process.

    Your job is done once you’ve selected your garage door.

    Our technicians will take care of removing your old door and setting up your new insulated garage door.

    Reliable Garage Door Repair in Pittsburgh

    A1 Garage Door offers an extensive range of garage door repair solutions.

    We have highly skilled technicians who can fix your garage door opener, springs, cables, rollers, tracks, and weatherstripping.

    No matter what garage door style and type you have, you can count on us for any repair.

    Once you call us, our team will respond right away to confirm your booking.

    We’ll come to your area within the hour and get to work as soon as we arrive.

    Expect that our garage door specialists will get the job done within the same day.

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