Common Problems With Genie Garage Door Openers

    A battery problem may sound obvious, but garage door transmitters need full power to function correctly.

    Additionally, not all problems are as simple as having a dead battery, and some issues can be severe and difficult to fix.

    This article will talk about common problems with Genie Garage Door Openers.

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    Common Problems With Genie Garage Door Opener

    Many problems with garage door openers are because of dead batteries.

    If your garage door transmitter has a low battery, the transmitter won’t be able to transmit a signal on the door top open.

    First, ensure that your garage transmitter mounted on the wall will always open your garage door when pushed.

    If you can’t open the door, the car might need a new set of batteries.

    If you have more than one transmitter, the other garage transmitter also needs a new battery.

    Changing a garage door opener’s battery is easy and straightforward.

    You can simply unlatch the door on the back of your garage door transmitter and take out the battery in most cases.

    Some other garage door transmitter needs to be screwed for a secured battery.

    So to open this transmitter, you will need a screwdriver.

    Here are the other common problems with genie garage door openers:

    The Photographic Eye Is Not Aligned

    A photographic eye transmits a beam that is not visible in the naked eyed.

    This beam determines if anything can obstruct the pathway when a garage door is closed.

    This safety feature keeps an automatic garage door from closing on something or someone.

    However, if this safety feature failed to work, it could cause severe injury or harm to the operator or property.

    So, if you notice that your garage door opens but doesn’t fully close when pressing the remote, you should do a visual inspection on the photographic eyes.

    Over time, these photographic eyes will get dirty, blocking the beam’s light.

    These can also change over time, preventing the eyes from correctly aligning on both sides.

    If you intend to clean the photographic eyes, please be careful not to damage or scratch the eyes as it’s made of glass, like what a camera is made of.

    Transmitter Problems

    There are a lot of issues that may prevent your garage transmitter from not working correctly.

    The most typical reason for this is you may be out of range on your garage door.

    Each combination of your transmitters and garage doors has a specific operating range.

    If you try to open your garage door across the street, it’s probably too far and not going to work.

    Instead, you should wait until you enter your property and press the button on the remote.

    This will give you enough range to open your garage door effectively.

    However, if you’re within the area but the garage door did not open, double-check if nothing is blocking the antenna attached to your garage door motor unit.


    As I mentioned above, if there is an obstruction along the way, your garage will not shut down and stay in the middle or reverse its way.

    A garage door is made with another safety feature called a reversible mechanism.

    This feature avoids collision with things or objects in its pathway.

    If there’s something along its pathway, it will automatically reverse and change its direction upward.

    However, some garage doors become faulty, and this safety feature won’t work.

    If this is the case, you should call a garage door maintenance specialist to fix the problem right away.

    The absence of this safety feature can lead to accidents and could cause severe injuries.


    Does your garage door jerk when opening? Is it making noises?

    If you notice this problem with your garage door, you should not neglect the problem and make it fixed immediately.

    In case of an emergency situation, you can call A1 Garage Door Pittsburgh for immediate action.

    We are open 24/7.

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