How Long Do Garage Door Springs Last

    Top-quality garage door springs are made of high-quality steel.

    With proper care and maintenance, the torsion springs can last for a decade or more.

    However, the garage door spring will weaken as it ages.

    After years of opening and closing your garage door, it will eventually snap.

    How long do garage door springs last?

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    When To Replace Your Garage Door Springs

    To answer the question briefly, you must replace your garage door springs when it breaks or it’s about to snap.

    Operating a garage door with a damaged spring is a dangerous task.

    Your garage door may crash down all of a sudden if you continue using the spring.

    This event could lead to fatal accidents and damages to your vehicle.

    It could also result in more garage door problems, including a broken opener and damaged cables.

    Call your local technician if you have a reason to believe that you have broken springs.

    Some indications of a broken spring include a loud bang coming from your garage door and difficulty using your door.

    Aging and Wear-and-Tear

    Garage door springs have life cycles equivalent to the number of times they can open and close your garage door.

    Most garage door springs have 10,000 cycles, which means they can operate your garage door up to that many times.

    This follows that your springs will soon give out once they’re near the end of their cycle.

    While 10,000 seem like a huge number, you must consider how many times you use your garage door.

    You open and close your garage door at least twice a day to take your car out and then in again.

    Hence, the more regularly you operate your garage door, the quicker your garage door springs will fail.


    Garage door springs are made of metal prone to rusting when wet.

    Corrosion can prevent your spring from functioning correctly.

    It creates an incredible amount of friction between the coils, making it difficult for the spring to move freely.

    Rust can also weaken the metal spring and cause early breakage of your springs.

    Thus, you should avoid the development of rust on the spring surface to prolong the life cycle of your springs.

    You must lubricate your garage door spring with a silicon-based lubricant regularly to prevent rusting.

    You should also keep the springs away from water and moisture, such as rain.

    Incorrect Maintenance

    Garage door springs require regular and proper maintenance to avoid any issue.

    Springs deteriorate quicker if you don’t take care of them.

    As mentioned, one way to keep their condition is to lubricate them regularly.

    Besides this, you should also ensure that the garage door is even and balanced on both sides.

    This guarantees that both springs use the same amount of tension to open and close the garage door.

    Furthermore, you must also take care of the springs during the cold season to keep them from snapping.


    How long do garage door springs last?

    The answer depends on how you regularly take care of your springs and how old they are.

    In addition, your garage door springs’ life expectancy depends on their quality.

    High-quality springs can support your garage door up to 10,000 times.

    They are made of durable and high-quality steel to minimize corrosion and keep them from breaking.

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