How To Fix A Garage Door Sensor

    Garage door sensors are a vital safety feature of a garage door system.

    As its name implies, sensors sense or detect anything that is on the garage door opening.

    They alert the garage door opener that something is on the way, and prevent the door from hitting the obstruction.

    Because of the crucial function of the sensors, it is only apt to keep them in mint condition.

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    Our technicians know how to fix a garage door sensor in a timely manner.

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    Signs That Your Garage Door Sensors Are Broken

    Having faulty photo eye sensors is frustrating.

    Damaged sensors can prevent the normal functioning of your garage door.

    At times, your door would stop closing and go back up, even though nothing was on the driveway.

    There might also be instances when your garage door keeps closing down when something or someone is on the way.

    The latter is a dangerous situation that could lead to accidents and property damage.

    Other signs that you have a broken garage door sensor are malfunctioning signal lights.

    One light should be green while the other, red, and both should be on and steady, not off and flashing.

    In case the red sensor lights are blinking while the green is steady, it indicates misalignment.

    You should adjust the sensors until they are aligned with one another.

    Soiled sensors, and electrical and wiring damage are other indicators of a broken photo eye sensor.

    Broken Sensors — What Should I Do?

    Suppose you have determined that your sensors are broken, what should you do now?

    By default, you should call a garage door company to repair your sensors.

    A1 Garage Door has a team of technicians who can fix a wide range of garage door issues, including photo eye problems.

    We’ll handle every step of the repair, so you don’t have to worry about it.

    But in case you’re wondering how to fix a garage door sensor, below is a guide on the process.

    Clean the Garage Door Sensors

    First, clean the photo eye sensors.

    There is a high chance that your sensors are malfunctioning due to improper maintenance.

    Dirt and grime that covers the sensors can be detected as obstructions in the driveway.

    This can cause your garage door to activate the safety reverse feature and stop closing.

    Use a microfiber cloth or dish soap and a sponge to give the sensors a mild cleaning.

    Make Sure The Sensors Are Properly Aligned

    The sensors of the garage door work together.

    They must be aligned at all times for them to function properly.

    If you have misaligned sensors, loosen the screws or bolts that mount them and then adjust their position and alignment.

    Once you have placed them correctly, retighten the mounting hardware to secure the sensors in place.

    Damaged Sensor Replacement

    In case your garage door sensors are damaged beyond repair, your only choice is to replace them.

    First, disengage the sensors from the power supply.

    Remove the old sensors by loosening the mounting hardware and cutting the wires about an inch away from the sensors.

    Put the new sensors in the right position and then attach the wires of the same color.

    Secure the photo eye sensors in the brackets and then reconnect the power.

    Test your new garage door sensors.

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