How To Replace A Garage Door Spring

    Have you ever wondered how a heavy garage door manages to open and close smoothly?

    The mechanism behind its operation is the high tension of the garage door springs.

    High-quality garage door springs have about 10,000 cycles.

    Their life cycles indicate their capacity to open and close your garage door.

    In this case, they can do so up to 10,000 times.

    Thus, you must choose durable and reliable springs for your garage door.

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    How to replace a garage door spring?

    We have qualified technicians who can safely replace your broken torsion and extension springs.

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    When To Replace Garage Door Springs

    Most garage door springs have 10,000 life cycles.

    This number equals the number of times they can open and close your door.

    As your garage door springs age, they consume their cycles until they reach their limit.

    In that case, you’ll experience spring failure.

    Garage door spring failure is common, and you don’t want to experience that.

    This happens when your garage door springs break due to natural wearing, rust, and improper maintenance.

    Spring breakage will render your garage door unsafe and unusable.

    Call a professional technician right away if you have a broken torsion spring.

    We advise you to stop using your garage door and not attempt fixing the issue yourself for your safety.

    How to Replace Garage Door Springs

    To replace the torsion spring, you must secure the garage door in a closed position with a C-clamp.

    As for the extension springs, you must first disconnect the garage door opener.

    Next, you must loosen the spring with winding bars inserted into the winding cone and disconnect the lift cables.

    You must then install the new springs and lift cables and perform the necessary adjustments.

    Save yourself from exhaustion and call a professional technician instead.

    Garage door repair specialists will handle everything from start to finish.

    So, you can just enjoy your day with one less problem.

    Can You DIY Spring Replacement?

    Torsion spring replacement is one of the most dangerous garage door services.

    This is because the springs are under high tension and the garage door are heavy.

    One mistake in handling the springs can lead to serious accidents.

    It could also damage your vehicle if your garage door unexpectedly crashes down.

    Thus, you should call an experienced technician in the event of a spring failure.

    Replacement of torsion springs involves risks so you should take safety precautions.

    It entails loosening the springs, adjusting the cables, and replacing necessary parts like rollers, brackets, etc.

    Thus, you’re not only installing a new spring, but you’re also doing other garage door services.

    Spring Replacement Best Practices

    Amateurs often make the mistake of replacing only the broken spring.

    This is not a good practice because it could lead to future garage door problems.

    You must replace both garage door springs to save yourself from this problem.

    The reason behind this is it’s highly likely that the other unbroken spring is near the end of its product life.

    Hence, it’s better to change both springs instead of waiting for the other one to snap.

    Besides this, replacing both springs is a best practice to keep the garage door balanced.

    If you only replace one, the new spring will have more tension and cause your door to be uneven.

    Professional Garage Door Spring Replacement

    Do not try to fix a broken garage door spring yourself.

    You could get injured or cause more damage to your garage door.

    And even if you replaced the springs, there’s no guarantee that your garage door is safe to use.

    For professional and safe spring replacement, call A1 Garage Door Pittsburgh.

    Our company guarantees to install high-quality garage door springs made of durable steel.

    We assure you that your new springs will open and close your garage door over 10,000 times.

    We also offer same-day repair for garage door emergencies.

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