Modern Insulated Garage Doors

    Any place would not feel comfortable without insulation.

    Insulation offers comfort by reducing heat flow, thereby keeping the indoor temperature bearable.

    If you have a garage attached to your house, all the more that you need garage door insulation.

    Modern insulated garage doors are ideal, especially if you live in an extremely hot or cold climate.

    A1 Garage Door can assist you in installing insulation for your garage door.

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    What Are The Benefits of Garage Door Insulation

    Many garage owners should have modern insulated garage doors by now.

    Especially since global warming continues to worsen, those living in hotter climates must install insulation.

    Garage door insulation offers myriad advantages.

    First, it offers a comfortable indoor temperature.

    Insulation prevents too much heat flow.

    It means you won’t lose heat when it’s cold outside or absorb heat when it’s hot out.

    Because your indoor temperature remains bearable, you won’t need to use your cooling or heating appliances.

    Consequently, this will result in lower energy consumption and monthly electric bills.

    Another advantage that garage door insulation offers is peace and silence.

    The insulation acts as a noise barrier so that excessive noise will not enter your home.

    Garage Door Insulation R-Value

    When searching for garage door insulation, you should look for the R-value.

    The R-value stands for resistance to heat flow – how effective the insulation is at preventing heat transfer.

    High R-values are preferred because they have a better thermal resistance.

    So if you live in hot or cold regions, you must install R-7 insulation or higher.

    If your garage is connected to your home, it means your house temperature can be affected.

    Thus, you should install insulation with an R-value between 12 to 16.

    It will ensure that your indoor temperature stays comfortable, no matter how cold or hot it is outside.

    Types of Garage Door Insulation Materials

    There are many insulation materials you can choose from.

    Some of the most common materials are fiberglass, foam (spray), styrofoam, cellulose, and reflective insulation board.

    Fiberglass is the most common because of its affordability and effectiveness in reducing heat and noise transfer.

    Spray and rigid foam are also popular choices when it comes to insulation.

    They are easy to install since you simply have to spray the foam insulation, or cut and install the styrofoam boards.

    They are also lightweight and effective in controlling heat.

    If you’re more eco-friendly, you may opt for cellulose insulation.

    It is compacted cardboard and paper material that offers exceptional insulation with a lower risk of fire.

    Your last option is reflective insulation, which is more applicable in warmer areas.

    The reflective material allows the sun’s rays to bounce and keeps them from entering your garage.

    High-Quality Garage Door Insulation in Pittsburgh

    If you have inquiries regarding garage door insulation, don’t hesitate to contact A1 Garage Door.

    Our technicians will assist you in choosing the right insulation for your door.

    You can tell us your insulation needs, preferences, and your allocated budget for insulation.

    We’ll answer all your questions and provide you with the best customer service.

    Call us today so we can give you a quotation for our insulation services.

    Rest assured that our services are affordable and budget-friendly.

    We also practice transparent and honest pricing, so you don’t have to worry about hidden and extra fees.

    Professional Garage Door Repair Solutions

    If you need more than insulation, the A1 Garage Door team will be more than happy to offer you our services.

    Some of our garage door repair services in Pittsburgh include:

    • Garage door opener repair
    • Garage door spring replacement
    • Broken garage door cable repair
    • Roller garage door repair
    • Garage door panel replacement
    • Roller track adjustment and repair
    • Garage door weatherstripping
    • New garage door installation
    • Garage door tune-up and maintenance
    • Other garage door solutions

    If you need any of these services, give us a call.

    We are open from Mondays to Sundays for same-day garage door repair.

    Our team will immediately respond to your call and get the job done within the day.

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