R Value of Garage Door – What Is It And What Level Do I Need?

    Garage door insulation is not required but it is highly preferred.

    Insulation offers many advantages such as comfort, energy efficiency, and savings.

    That’s why many garage owners install insulation on their garage doors.

    So, what does R value have to do with insulation?

    R value of garage door – what is it and what level do I need?

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    What is the R Value of a Garage Door?

    The R value of garage doors refers to the insulation capacity of the garage door.

    It is the measure of the thermal resistance of the insulation or how much the insulation can block heat flow.

    Higher R values mean the garage door is more effective at stopping heat from flowing to or from the garage.

    On the contrary, garage doors with lower R values mean they are poorly insulated.

    They cannot contain the heat inside the garage in winter and cannot keep heat from entering on hot summer days.

    Thus, it is ideal to have garage doors with high insulation ratings or R values.

    What Level of Insulation Do I Need?

    We recommend installing garage door insulation with an R-value that is greater than R-10.

    However, you must consider some factors to find the right level of insulation that will keep you comfortable in any weather.

    First, you must align the R value of your garage door to the climate in your area.

    If the weather constantly changes in your area, you will need better insulation for your door.

    It will allow heat to stay inside the garage on cold days and keep heat out on hot days.

    You should also consider the location of your garage, whether it’s connected or not to your house.

    If your garage is detached from your home, you may opt for a garage door with light insulation.

    But if it is connected to your home, you will need a door with better insulation, between R-12 to R-16.

    This will keep the temperature inside your home at a comfortable level.

    Benefits of Garage Door Insulation

    We’ve told you the specifics of R value of garage door – what is it and what level do I need?.

    Now, we’ll tell you why you need garage door insulation for your home.

    First of all, insulation provides comfort by keeping the heat in your house.

    Even though it’s cold and rainy outside, your home will feel warm because the insulation prevents heat from escaping.

    Conversely, if it’s hot and humid outside, your house interior will not adapt since the insulation prevents heat from entering.

    Because the temperature in your house stays normal, you don’t have to exhaust your HVAC appliances.

    In the long run, you’ll consume less energy and save more money from lower electricity bills.

    Garage Door Insulation in Pittsburgh

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    Professional Garage Door Repair

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