Replacing Garage Door Trim

    The garage door trim is an often overlooked component of the garage door system.

    Nevertheless, the trim is an important part of the garage door.

    It offers weatherstripping, security, and aesthetics, among others.

    For these reasons, you must keep a regular maintenance schedule for your garage door trim.

    You should replace it right away in case of damage and obvious signs of wear and tear.

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    What is the Garage Door Trim and Why Is It Important?

    The garage door trim is located around the garage door opening.

    It serves as the edge on the entrance of the garage door.

    Being so, it is a noticeable portion of the garage door, yet many are not familiar with its purpose.

    First of all, the garage door trim is essential to the garage door because it has an aesthetic function.

    It adds to the attractiveness of the garage door, and consequently to your curb appeal.

    Another importance of the trim is weatherproofing.

    It covers the rough framing so that a tight sealant can be mounted for weatherstripping.

    Thus, your garage will not be damaged by water and extreme weather and you can enjoy a better temperature inside your home.

    How to Replace Damaged Garage Door Trim

    As something that is exposed to damaging elements such as the weather, the trim can easily become damaged.

    Water and moisture can result in cracks and splits on the trim, which is usually made of wood.

    These defects are not pleasant to the sight and they can compromise the security and aesthetics of your garage door.

    If you notice obvious signs of damage to the trim, you must fix the issue by replacing the garage door trim.

    Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to replace a damaged trim.

    1. The first thing you must do is get rid of the damaged trim. Using a blade, cut through the caulking so that you can easily tear it off.
    2. Remove the garage door trim with the help of a cat’s paw or screwdriver for prying.
    3. Scrape off the remaining caulking and weatherstripping.
    4. Clean the garage door.
    5. Install  weatherstripping, about 2-3 inches thick, on the edge of the garage door.
    6. Allow the strip to dry before taking measurements for the new trim.
    7. Cut the trim according to the dimensions and install them one by one, starting from the top and then the sides. Use nails to keep the trim in place.
    8. Install caulking on the edges, especially on gaps between the trim and garage door.
    9. Choose your trim color, style, and design.

    Brilliant Trim Replacement Ideas

    Replacing garage door trim is a fun activity that allows you to renew your garage door’s appearance.

    With many trim designs and styles to choose from, you must scrutinize your options.

    Perhaps you want a garage door trim that matches your garage door or window trim and wall edges.

    Or maybe you prefer a unique arched trim that is simple yet elegant.

    Another brilliant trim replacement idea is the iconic white garage door trim.

    White is always a good option because it is classy and it can complement any color.

    Finally, you may opt for a hanging trim, where the sides only have half a trim, usually the top part only.

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